Closest Games in Super Bowl History

With all of the buildup that will go into Super Bowl 2015, fans will be hoping to at least witness a good game that is competitive down to the end. That was not the case with the 2014 version of the game, when Seattle ran away from Denver and never looked back. While it is true that there have been plenty of blowouts in Super Bowl history, there also has been plenty of drama. When the game comes down to the very end and the outcome hangs in the balance, it makes for some of the most-exciting moments in sports.

Superbowl History

We don’t have to look back very far into Super Bowl history to see a close game, as the 2013 Super Bowl was decided by just three points when the Ravens defeated the 49ers. The year prior to that, the Giants were able to defeat the Patriots by four points. Oh man, what a Super Bowl that would have been to bet on, unfortunately the Internet had not been invented then. It is now however, so if you want to bet on the Super Bowl online this year you can do so at our reviewed Super Bowl wagering sites. One of the most-memorable Super Bowls in recent history was the Steelers taking the title from the Cardinals by just four points on a late touchdown.

There has been just one one-point game in Super Bowl history, which occurred in Super Bowl XXV when the Buffalo Bills fell a single point short of the New York Giants. Buffalo was the favorite prior to the game, and led the game at halftime, but was unable to hold the lead and was eventually defeated by Bill Parcells and his Giants team. With any luck, Super Bowl 2015 will add to the list of close games that have been played in Super Bowl history.

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