Sleepers for Super Bowl XLIX Betting

Update: With the Dallas Cowboys controversial victory over to the Detroit Lions they will now be making their way to Green Bay to play Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers in Round 2 of the NFL playoffs. Current Super Bowl betting odds for the Packers have them as 5/2 favorites to make it to Superbowl XLIX, but that’s just to make it into the big game, not win it.

Today we will be going over our sleeper picks for Super Bowl XLIX betting for bettors looking to bet on potential underdogs to win Super Bowl 2015. It isn’t hard to figure out who the favorites are to compete in Super Bowl XLIX, 2015, or 49. The Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos are both given a very good shot to get back to the big game as per betting odds at the top online sportsbooks, and others like the Cowboys, Eagles, Bengals, Packers, and Chargers are seen as strong contenders. But which teams are sleepers and could crash the Super Bowl 2015 party if things go just right? Finding those teams, and using that information for Super Bowl online betting, is a little trickier.

AFC Sleepers
There are two potential sleepers in the AFC to reach Super Bowl XLIX – the Texans and the Colts. Both of these teams have strengths, and both have flaws. The Texans appear to have a strong defense and an excellent running back in Arian Foster, but might lack play at the quarterback position to take them all the way. Conversely, the Colts have Andrew Luck leading a powerful offense, but might not have the right mix on defense to get the job done.

Superbowl Sleeper Picks

NFC Sleepers
Cracking the top of the NFC and getting into Super Bowl 2015 will be no easy task, but the Cardinals and the Giants have an outside shot to do just that. For the Cardinals, the story is one the defensive side of the ball. Current sportsbooks have the Cardinals sitting at 66/1 which are the worst odds out of all the teams to make it into the NFL playoffs and if you want a complete list of the latest Super Bowl online betting odds for Superbowl 2015 you can check them out by visiting by clicking here and getting a better look at 2015 Super Bowl wagering lines online. They have the defense to keep up with the likes of Seattle and San Fran, so it will just be a matter of scoring enough to come out on top. The Giants have a proven playoff quarterback in Eli Manning, and would be a tough matchup for anyone in January should they manage to get in.

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