Going to a Super Bowl Party

So you’re invited to a Super Bowl party and you’re trying to figure out what to bring. Often times, a host will say something along the lines of “Bring whatever you want. Anything is appreciated,” but that just leaves you trying to decide what exactly that is. Need some ideas? Check out the following four delicious food options that you can bring if you’re attending a Super Bowl party.

Loaded fries

The great thing about loaded fries is that they’re super easy to make. You can either make the fries from scratch or buy them frozen, then you just have to choose the ingredients. Chances are you’re going to want to throw some cheese on top, but other ingredients to consider include bacon, pulled pork, buffalo chicken, jalapenos, ground beef or turkey, ranch dressing, steak, Sriracha, cheese sauce, or buffalo sauce.

Super Bowl 2016 Party


You usually can’t go wrong with bringing beer to a Super Bowl party, but try to bring something that everyone will enjoy. For example, there’s nothing wrong with bringing some obscure beer that no one there has heard about but that happens to be a favorite of yours, but you should also bring something that others are familiar with and have previously had and enjoyed. Make sure to also bring the host’s favorite beer as a thank you for the invite. Also since you will not have your computer in front of you to place a bet you might want to check out online sportsbooks that offer mobile betting beforehand. For a quick look at mobile Super Bowl online betting sites check out the guys at Betting-Super-Bowl.com so that you aren’t wasting time looking for a site just minutes before the start of the game.


There are so many different types of dips so you have plenty of options of what to make. Dip options include spinach and artichoke, jalapeno popper, bacon and cheese, barbecue chicken, buffalo blue cheese, bean and cheese, crab and artichoke, Philly cheese steak, and corn. You can also go the sweet route and make dips such as cherry cheesecake, chocolate chip cookie dough, cannoli, s’mores, and cake batter.

Bacon-wrapped anything

Bacon is usually a big hit whether you use regular bacon or turkey bacon, and wrapping it around a variety of food items can turn into some delicious appetizers. For example, you can wrap bacon around tater tots, jalapenos, chestnuts, smokies, mini meatballs, kielbasa, pineapple, or grilled chicken. So many possibilities!

Make sure you run your food options by the host before you start cooking. You don’t want to bring the same thing as several other people. Your best bet is to come up with a few dishes and let the host know in advance so that you don’t double-up.

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