Pittsburgh Steelers Superbowl Odds

The Pittsburgh Steelers had a chance to earn home field advantage throughout the playoffs and improve their chances of making the 2018 Superbowl odds by defeating the New England Patriots on Sunday afternoon, unfortunately for the Steelers, they couldn’t get the job done.

While injuries and a few questionable calls played a role in the loss, the fact that the Steelers still had a chance to get the win in the end but fell short showed that they still have mental issues to overcome when it comes to playing the Patriots.

With the loss, the Steelers odds of winning the Super Bowl is now +600, which is still a great value, but the fact that they will likely have to play the Patriots on the road to get to the Super Bowl makes you think twice before taking the Steelers at those odds.

Steelers Superbowl Odds 2018

Since the Steelers and Patriots are still tied at 11-3, a loss by the Patriots will give the Steelers the best record in the AFC, but with the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets left on their schedule, it doesn’t look very likely.

Another question the Steelers have going into the playoffs is the health of Antonio Brown, who left the game against New England early in the second quarter with a calf injury. According to the team, the injury won’t prevent Brown from playing in the postseason, but if he isn’t 100 percent, it will have an impact on the team’s success.

Despite the issues they have with injuries and the Patriots, the Steelers have proven that they are one of the best teams in the NFL this season, and are very capable of winning the Super Bowl. The only question facing the team right now is will they be able to defeat the Patriots when it counts?

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