Who Will Win the AFC Championship

As we approach the final week of the NFL regular season, the playoff picture is finally taking shape, which means the Super Bowl odds for all the teams going into the playoffs have changed.

In the AFC, the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders, Miami Dolphins, and Denver Broncos were preseason favorites with the best odds of winning the Super Bowl.

Fast forward to week 17, the Patriots and Steelers are the only teams in the group going into the playoffs.

AFC Champion Picks 2018

The Patriots, who were the preseason favorites to win it all, still have the best Super Bowl odds. New England’s odds are currently at +250, while the Steelers are at +475. For the latest Steelers and Patriots Super Bowl betting odds check out BSB for 2018.

The other playoff teams in the AFC include:

Jacksonville Jaguars: +1400
Kansas City Chiefs: +1800
Baltimore Ravens: +2800
Los Angeles Chargers: +7500
Tennessee Titans: +7500
Buffalo Bills: +15000

The Patriots, who will have home field throughout the AFC playoffs are still the smartest bet because they have Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and Rob Gronkowski, and won the Super Bowl last year.

The Steelers are another good bet, but the fact that they can’t seem to defeat the Patriots is very worrisome. The fact that James Harrison, who was released by the Steelers on Saturday and signed with the Patriots on Sunday, can share all he knows about the Steelers offense and defense with the Patriots, also makes the Steelers a tricky team to pick.

The Jaguars and Ravens are probably the best long shot picks of the bunch because they both play very good defense. Both teams have also struggled offensively, which could cost them a game in the playoffs.

Of the two teams, the Ravens are playing better at the moment so if you have to pick between the two, go with Baltimore.

The Chiefs always seem to underperform in the playoffs, so take them at your own risk.

The Bills, Chargers and Titans are battling for the final playoff spot, but the Titans have the inside track so take Tennessee if you want to pick between the three.

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