Will Online Sportsbooks Directly Compete with Legal Sportsbooks?

Well over a dozen states have introduced legislation to add legal sportsbooks within the United States to compete with online sportsbooks.

Many experts suggest that the proliferation of daily fantasy sports has normalized the sports betting in general. Many of our readers would agree. While proponents of daily fantasy sports suggest that it is purely a game of skill, many bettors simply disagree. This healthy discussion is likely the reason why onshore sportsbooks were revisited by the courts. Thus causing the practice to become legal and regulated within the US.

This begs another question: What about those who are already betting on sports using offshore sports betting accounts? Will online sportsbooks continue to try and woo new customers from the United States? Or, will legal sportsbooks be the next new thing. Time will tell.

The answer to this question is a resounding: YES. Online sportsbooks will continue to offer lucrative first-time deposit bonuses. Also, top-up bonuses for repeat customers. Because of this, many believe that offshore sportsbooks will not go away without a fight. Many offshore sportsbooks such as BetOnline have even reintroduced ACH deposits.

Top Online Legal Sportsbooks

Legal Online Sportsbooks

While it is preferred to use cryptocurrency when you cash out, the proliferation of legal online sportsbooks in the United States begs the question as to what offshore books will do in order to make things easier for the casual bettor. Many bettors bet with Bitcoin.

Courting the casual bettor will be the only way for offshore sportsbooks to stay competitive. To do this, expect these sites to start offering lucrative bonuses. Super bowl betting Bonuses that can’t be found onshore. Many of these sites have been around for decades. Also, they have stood the test of time. Therefore gaining consumers trust is not a problem. In fact, most online sportsbooks have an 800 number that you can call if you ever have any problems with their services.

This allows you to speak to a real person if you ever encounter an issue. If you have a problem at an onshore casino, you might be relegated to filling out a form or working your way up through the various management ranks. In many ways, the introduction of legal sportsbooks gambling is a net positive for consumers based in North America.

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