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Today we have the latest SuperBowl online betting news. Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is reportedly unhappy with the direction the team is heading. Also, apparently wants out of Houston.

Firstly, in solidarity with their quarterback. Some fans were planning a protest in front of the team’s training facility. However, Watson urged fans not to protest on his behalf. However, asked them to cancel the event “for the sake of public safety.”

“Although I am humbled I ask that whoever is organizing the march cancel for the sake of public safety,” Watson said in a tweet. “Covid is spreading at a high rate & I don’t want any fans to unnecessarily expose themselves to infection.”

The event was organized on Saturday night by a Texans fan. Furthermore, tweeted, “I’m off Monday, I’m down to protest in front of NRG. If we get enough people to do these things change could happen.”

Updated Superbowl Online Betting News

Superbowl Online Betting News

According to reports, Watson is upset with the Texans over. Among other issues, the process they used to hire general manager Nick Caserio, ignoring his suggestions, leading to widespread speculation that Houston could trade the star quarterback this offseason or be faced with the possibility that he could decide to hold out and not report to the team if he isn’t dealt.

Even though Texans chairman Cal McNair said Friday that the organization wants Watson “in the loop and part of the process”. This as Houston searches for its next head coach. Sources say the Texans have had internal conversations about possible trade partners. Also, what their quarterback position would look like in the future without Watson.

Former Texans receiver Andre Johnson weighed in publicly this past week. Tweeting that Watson should “stand his ground” and calling out executive vice president of football operations Jack Easterby.

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