Colts Odds to Win Superbowl 2019

Welcome to SB-OB. Your home for Colts odds to win Superbowl 2019. Review the latest Super Bowl 53 betting lines here. For once, it seems like Jim Irsay has been the right decision in the Colts’ favor. Chuck Pagano’s stay in Indianapolis was overdue and it was time to move in a different direction. Now an offensive guru in Josh McDaniels enters a situation where he can win immediately but that’s all dependent on his relationship with his new quarterback.

It’s not Tom Brady anymore but McDaniels inherits quite the talent with Andrew Luck. Luck missed the entire year with a major shoulder injury but is set be ready for the 2018 season. While he’s battled injuries and a mediocre supporting cast, Luck is a generational type talent at 28 years old.

Do the Colts odds to win Superbowl 2019 hold water? He hasn’t lived up to expectations but has the ability to be the best quarterback in the NFL. We saw that in 2014 when he threw 40 touchdowns and led the Colts to the AFC championship.

Super Bowl 53 Betting

Colts Odds to Win Superbowl 2019

Pagano was a defensive-oriented head coach and McDaniels is the complete opposite. The Colts need emphasis on the offensive side of the ball because that’s ultimately where they’re going to have the most success.

The defense will be addressed in the draft hopefully with the No. 3 pick but Luck has weapons to work right now. T.Y. Hilton is just one season off from being the NFL’s leading receiver and Jack Doyle has developed into a nice complementary target at tight end.

The relationship between McDaniels and Luck is crucial for the Colts’ success. If he can bring out the best in Brady, McDaniels can do the same for Luck. A potential Super Bowl run revolves around No. 12 and he’s good enough to bring the Colts back to the days of Peyton Manning.
Safety and health is key for the Colts. If Andrew Luck is able to return back to his normal ways, the Colts franchise could be in for a wild ride.

What do bettors think? When it comes to Super Bowl 53 betting we like the Colts.

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