Arizona Cardinals Superbowl 2016 Aspirations

Today we will take a gander at the current Superbowl 2016 betting odds for the Arizona Cardinals and their chances of going the distance this year now that NFL Week 17 is over.

The Arizona Cardinals are considered one of the surprise teams of the NFL this year. While many analysts believed that veteran quarterback Carson Palmer was past his prime, he has silenced his critics by providing one of the best seasons he’s ever had in his professional career.

The Cardinals have put a talented team on the field this season. Although the team has endured multiple injuries at running back, the team has found life in backups such as David Johnson who have stepped up to the plate.

Cardinals Superbowl Odds

The Arizona Cardinals are one of the three favorites to win the NFC. In fact, online sportsbooks have the Cardinals listed at 5/1 to win Super Bowl 50. With the Seahawks and Panthers surging, it will be interesting to see how the Cardinals match up against these ultra competitive teams.

The Cardinals are coached by Bruce Ariens. Considered a journeyman coach, Ariens has found success wherever he has coached in the NFL. The Cardinals seemed to the right job for Ariens, as he has put competitive teams on the field since taking over the head coaching job. The Cardinals are poised for a deep playoff run. Can the team surprise the world and win the Super Bowl?

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