Luckiest Teams In Super Bowl History

What makes the Super Bowl so interesting is the fact that even though the best team usually wins, there have also been some teams that pulled off the win thanks to some luck. With Tom Brady and the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles about to play for the Lombardi trophy with a 4.5 point spread differential predicted, let’s take a look at some of the luckiest teams in Super Bowl history.

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5. Washington Redskins

The Redskins went into their game against the Denver Broncos as three point underdogs, but went on to dismantle the Broncos 42-10.

Despite the lopsided final score, the game could have ended differently if the refs had made the right call on a Doug Williams fumble that would have given the Broncos a 17 point lead.

The referees called back the touchdown because Williams “in the grasp” despite no Broncos player touching him when he went down.

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4. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers dominated in the 1970s, but needed some luck to win their last two Super Bowls. In 2006, the Steelers needed a lot of help to get the win over the Seattle Seahawks in a game most people believe the Seahawks got robbed.

Seattle led in every single major statistical category, even including more turnovers forced, but the refs gave the Steelers a few lucky breaks that helped them win the game.

3. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens needed a little luck to get past the Denver Broncos in the Divisional Round of the playoffs during their Super Bowl run in 2012, and some help from the referees against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 47.

The Ravens took an early lead, but the 49ers stormed back in the second half and had the ball on Baltimore’s one yard line. The 49ers decision to pass the ball on all four downs was baffling, but the Ravens committed a pass interference e penalty on the last play that wasn’t called, helping them get the win.

2. New England Patriots

You don’t get to win five Super Bowls in 18 years without a little luck. The Patriots needed the Tuck Rule to advance to their first Super Bowl, then there was the Spygate controversy surrounding their win over the Rams in the Super Bowl.

In Super Bowl 49, they also lucked out when the Seahawks refused to hand the ball off to Marshawn Lynch in what would have ended up being a win for Seattle.

1. New York Giants
The Giants are probably the luckiest team in Super Bowl history. They needed a missed field by Scott Norwood to defeat the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl 25, a Houdini escape act and David Tyree helmet catch to defeat the 18-0 Patriots in Super Bowl 42, and a Wes Welker drop to defeat the Patriots again five years later.

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