Media Stories Surrounding Super Bowl 49

The Patriots are coming to Super Bowl XLIX under a swarm of controversy. At first, the deflate-gate story seemed as if it would pass by without any controversy. Tom Brady went on the radio and laughed about the situation as if it were a non-issue. The media didn’t give up on the story and when Colts players began commenting on what they thought was a deflated ball, other teams started accusing the Patriots of cheating. Some sports bloggers are suggesting that the Patriots should be disqualified from Super Bowl 49.

Another big media story surrounding this Super Bowl is whether or not Russell Wilson will have the same type of success he had against the Patriots in his only other meeting against the organization. If you’d like to make your own storyline or betting line for Super Bowl 49, take a look at these reviews of the top sportsbooks for Super Bowl online betting with their own professional sports picks. Russell played the Patriots once in 2012 and he threw the ball for 293 yards with 3 touchdowns. Can Wilson emerge as the leading quarterback of the NFL. Is the Brady/Manning quarterback era over? The answer to that question could lie within the result of Super Bowl 49.

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Brady also struggled in his only meeting against the Richard Sherman led Seattle Seahawks defense. Tom Brady’s offense managed to muster up two touchdown receptions in their last meeting while Brady went on to throw two interceptions. One of which was caught by Richard Sherman.

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