San Francisco 49ers No Longer Super Bowl Contenders

With NFL Week 17 just a few days away we can start to look ahead at the final Super Bowl 2015 contenders and who we think has a shot, and who won’t even make the playoffs this year.

Through first four weeks of the NFL season, it could be a surprise to some fans to see the San Francisco 49ers sitting at 2-2. Most thought that the 49ers were a top tier NFL team but with rumors surrounding the state of the locker room, many NFL analysts have questioned whether or not head coach Jim Harbaugh has lost the locker room. Many sports experts question whether or not players have grown numb to Harbaugh’s in your face coaching style and the team has seemed to struggle on the field during the first quarter of the season. What does the remaining 3 quarters of the season hold for the 49ers?

2015 Super Bowl Contenders

Fans of the 49ers aren’t happy about the current state of the team. As evidenced by message board chatter and blog posts, the 49ers fired up fan base looks to use their recent win against the upstart Eagles as a way to save the season. As many NFL players and coaches have said, “Winning is the magic elixir.” If the 49ers can string together enough wins to make into the playoffs, this team has the chance to upset all of the NFC powerhouses and represent the conference at Super Bowl 49.

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