Super Bowl 49 Explained

Today we will hope to explain how to bet on Super Bowl 49 online and what would-be bettors need to be weary of when betting on the Super Bowl.

Could Super Bowl 49 be the best Super Bowl yet? The Super Bowl is an amazing competition that pits the very two best NFL teams against each other in order to determine the champion. The eventual champion is determined after the regular season is played. The regular season determined division champions and two wild card teams that also make it into the playoffs. The Seattle Seahawks won the NFC title, and the New England Patriots won the AFC championship game so therefore on February 1st if you want to bet on the Super Bowl then check out our reviews of the top Super Bowl betting sites for Super Bowl 2015. This setup allowed each conference to have its own set of playoffs. These are called the AFC and NFC playoffs respectively. Each of these two tournaments pit the winner of the tournament against each other in the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Betting Explained

The Super Bowl gets international coverage and it is routinely seen in over 180+ countries live. The Super Bowl is usually played on the first Sunday of February which happens fall on February 1st 2015 this year. The Super Bowl’s stadium is picked by committee that plans much of this stuff out years in advance so that host cities can go ahead and be prepared. The 49th Super Bowl marks the 2nd time that the University of Phoenix Stadium has been used as a Super Bowl site. Super Bowls are typically held in warm weather sites with the Super Bowl in New York being an anomaly.

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