Super Bowl 51 Betting Update Week 15

Week 14 produced several unexpected results. When you consider the fact that the Raiders, Seahawks and Cowboys all put up losing performances, it really makes you wonder if a lower seeded team has a chance to make a run during the playoffs.

After the Chiefs defeated the Raiders in Week 14, you have to wonder if the balanced Chiefs attack will help them seal up a Super Bowl LI berth. If the NFL playoffs were to start today, the Chiefs would get the #2 playoff seed in the AFC. Could the Chiefs and Patriots possibly play each other in the AFC conference championship game?

Super Bowl 51 Betting Update Week 15

The Chiefs are currently getting 12/1 betting odd to win the Super Bowl in 2017. This might seem like a decent bet considering the fact that the Chiefs are playing pretty solid. The only downside to the Chiefs is that they can be inept on offense. With that in mind, Jeremy Maclin should be back on the field for the playoffs and Spencer Ware is earning his paycheck as a multi-talented running back.

When you factor in Travis Kelce at TE, it’s possible that the Chiefs could find a path to the Super Bowl. If the Chiefs find a way to make it into the Super Bowl

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