Most Important Players in Contract Year

The NFL is the most difficult league to build a dynasty because of a strict salary cap that prohibits wealthy owners from buying every prominent free agent on the market. These are the free agents in 2018 most likely to find a new home.

Nobody is happier about David Carr signing a $125 million contract than Kirk Cousins. The Redskins have franchise tagged the quarterback each of the last two seasons, and in a few weeks, they will have to either pay the quarterback, sign him to a ridiculously expensive third franchise tag, or watch him walk in free agency. The Redskins would be the laughing-stock of the league if they let him test the market. The Redskins must offer Kirk Cousins at least $120 million, or he is going to walk.

NFL Player Signings

The Dolphins receiving corps has three receivers that fit a similar role, and for that reason they are going to let Jarvis Landry hit the free agent market this offseason. Landry has had a phenomenal career and recorded 1,100 yards and 4 touchdowns in each of the last two seasons. Landry will likely seek top dollar and the Dolphins cannot afford to pay a receiver that much money if they want to build a dynasty.

This coming offseason the Seahawks will have to decide if they are going to pay Jimmy Graham, Kam Chancellor, or Eddie Lacy. The Hawks have just over $8 million in cap space which means they can’t sign all three. I believe the team will resign Lacy, and Chancellor to team friendly contracts, and will let Jimmy Graham test the free agent market. The Seahawks put their money in their defense so Kam will get paid. The team also focuses on the run, so Lacy will get paid. That just leave Jimmy Graham who hasn’t been properly used in his two seasons with the Hawks. Jimmy once sued the NFL to be paid like a receiver, and he will want top dollar when his contract expires. The Hawks don’t have the funds and they will pay Luke Willson instead.

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