Browns Not Superbowl Bound

The Browns have improved this season, but they are not Superbowl 2019 bound. With Tyrod Taylor going down early in the 2018 season, the Browns had no choice but to start their Heisman winning quarterback Baker Mayfield. Below find updated Superbowl 2018 betting odds. Enjoy!

Before week 3 of the 2018 NFL season, the Browns had not been able to string together a win in over 600 days! Can you believe it? Baker Mayfield’s early impact in a Browns uniform is just the jolt this team needed. A jolt needed to get back on track and begin winning football games.

Since the Browns 21-17 defeat of the Jets was the first win for Browns in nearly 2 years, someone who had tried the “Bet on the Browns’ opponent every week” strategy probably just lost a lot of cash. Was that you?

With the Browns starting the season out fairly strong. Many NFL fans are excited to see if Baker Mayfield can carry on the momentum. Also, shock the league by helping the Browns achieve a few more wins.

SuperBowl 2019 Contenders

Superbowl 2019 Odds

Given the competitiveness of the AFC North conference. Also, given the fact that the Browns tied the Steelers earlier in the season, it makes you wonder if this is the Browns year to sneak to the top of the division and win. The Browns are not talented.

The Browns certainly have hustle. It appears that Baker Mayfield is the best answer at the QB position. The best that the Browns have had in years. The biggest question is if the Browns young offensive line can keep Mayfield safe from oncoming blitzes. If Mayfield continues to live up to the hype, the Browns are certainly a contender to at least win a wild card spot.

Who knows, maybe the entire AFC North division is suspect this year? Just remember, there have been teams that went 7-9 and made it to the playoffs as division winners.

One of the best things about the NFL is that anything can happen and it will be fun to watch Baker Mayfield’s career playout. The Browns are currently listed at 80/1 betting odds on most NFL future betting websites.

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