Super Bowl 2020 Betting Ideas

In the market for new Super Bowl 2020 betting ideas? Newbie sports bettors often decide to use the Super Bowl as the one event that helps dip their toes in the sports betting pools. With the Super Bowl being one of the most talked about sporting events of the year. Sports fans from all around the world begin looking for sportsbooks. This to lock-in their wagers. Here are some ideas that you can use to make some money on Super Bowl Sunday. Ready?

Super Bowl Teasers are fun!

One of the easiest ways to cash a ticket on Super Bowl is bet on a teaser. When sports bettors talk about teasers, they are talking about lowering the betting lines. Also, taking a smaller payoff in order to lock-in a more favorable outcome. Complete Super Bowl 2020 betting sportsbooks above.

For example, if the Super Bowl favorite is –7 points, you could find a teaser line that offers the bet at –3 points for a reduced payout. If you can find a sports book that lets you parlay these odds, you’ll be able to construct a ticket that you can cash pretty easily on Super Bowl Sunday.

Tips for Super Bowl 2020 Betting Ideas

Super Bowl 2020 Betting

The opposite of a teaser is a pleaser. For example, if you think the Super Bowl will be a blowout, you can bet on your team to win by an even bigger point spread which nets you additional wagering odds. Pleasers are a creative Super Bowl betting idea and you should only use this method of betting when you are certain one team has a distinct edge over another.

With Super Bowl pleasers, you can easily ramp up your sports betting bankroll by finding value in incorrect sports betting odds.

Super Bowl Props?

The best part of the Super Bowl 2020 betting is the hundreds of prop bets. These will be released by online sportsbooks. Most sportsbooks will not allow you to parlay these props and sometimes, the betting limits are lower. These props usually will usually payout nicely whenever you are able to focus on a specific aspect relating to the Super Bowl itself. Do your homework and find a Super Bowl LIV prop bet that matches your risk profile.

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