New England Patriots Super Bowl 49 Outlook

The New England Patriots are expected to excel in this year’s NFL playoffs. With the Patriots finishing the year at 12-4 with Tom Brady as the quarterback, the team look more focused and poised than in previous campaigns to actually win the Super Bowl. Many fans have started to question whether or not the New England Super Bowl dynasty is over with the Super Bowl drought lasting over 10 years. With Brady and Belichick commanding this team, the Patriots will always have a shot at the Super Bowl should they find their way into the playoffs.

Patriots Colts AFC

The Patriots will have home field advantage all through out the NFL playoffs leading up to Super Bowl 49. The Patriots finished the year at 12-4 which was the best record in the AFC. Combined with the fact that the Patriots won their division, they are automatically awarded a bye in the playoffs and home field advantage. The Patriots have a clear road to the AFC Championship game and subsequently the Super Bowl. Barring any big mistakes by the Patriots team, the Patriots should likely represent the AFC in the Super Bowl 49 game. However, like the famous saying goes, they play the game for a reason and you can certainly expect that each of the Patriots opponents will give it their best shot to deny the Patriots a chance at Super Bowl redemption.

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  1. Andrew’s luck is about to run out, no way the Colts will get passed Tom Brady and the Patriots.


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