NFL Super Bowl Preview New York Giants

The New York Giants are the only team to defeat the Dallas Cowboys. In fact, the Giants have defeated the Cowboys twice in the regular season.

When you look at the NFC Playoff race through these lenses, it’s easy to see why betting the on the New York Giants to win the Super Bowl might be a good value play.

NFL Super Bowl Preview New York Giants

The Giants will go into the playoffs as a 5 seed, which means they will play on the road in the wild card game. If the Giants can preserve, there’s a chance that they could play Dallas again in the divisional round. If the Giants do not play the Cowboys in the divisional round but make it to the NFC Conference Championship game, that’s the game where it is most likely that they would meet the Cowboys.

Each time the Giants have won the Super Bowl in the past decade, they’ve always finished the season strong and got hot in the playoffs. Eli Manning is a veteran quarterback who already has 2 Super Bowl wins. Could we possibly see a Giants Patriots rematch in the Super Bowl?

Currently, odds makers are giving the Giants a 25/1 chance of winning Super Bowl XLI. Considering the fact that the Giants are the Cowboy’s kryptonite, betting on the Giants to win the Super Bowl might be a good bet because you can always hedge against them if you think they’ll lose against the AFC opponent.

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