Super Bowl 51: Will It be a Seahawks Patriots Rematch?

Many NFL analysts believe that the Super Bowl 51 matchup is destined to be the Seahawks vs. The Patriots. After watching Doug Baldwin score 3 TDs on the New England Patriots in Foxborough, many NFL analysts are wondering if these two teams are on a collision course for the Super Bowl in 2017.

If you go back and look at the history of teams that travel over 3,000+ miles on a short week like Seattle did, you’ll understand that the team’s raw percentage of winning against the Patriots would have been low. Even though Russell Wilson and the Seahawks had the deck stacked against them, they still found a way to emerge victorious and become a serious contender for the Lombardi Trophy.

Super Bowl 51 Will It be a Seahawks Patriots Rematch?

Are the Patriots a lock for the Super Bowl? You really have to examine the AFC to see if there is any team that will be able to beat them. It looks more likely that the Patriots could be the number 1 overall seed in the AFC, which will lock up home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

If you look at the AFC playoff picture, the Chiefs are tied with the Patriots for the best record in the conference at 7-2. The Raiders are also a surprising 7-2 and there’s only about a 10% of the Raiders missing the playoffs this year.

These two teams do not seem to be a problem for the Patriots and they will likely take care of business if they meet in the playoffs. Seattle has also proven to be dominant in its conference, so it’s very possible that we could see a Seahawks Patriots Super Bowl in 2017.

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