Super Bowl LI Update A Closer Look at the NFC South

Going into Week 13 of the NFL season, the NFC South division is has 3 teams separated by 2 games going into the final stretch of the season. The Falcons have surprised the league by leading the NFC South with a record of 7-4 while the Buccaneers are in 2nd with a 6-5 record.

The Saints are 3rd in the division with a record of 5-6 while the Panthers have surprised everyone by assembling a record of 4-7. With one more loss, the Panthers could potentially be eliminated from the playoff picture.

Super Bowl LI Update A Closer Look at the NFC South

While the Saints are in 3rd place, 5 of their 6 losses have come by 1 score or less. The Saints lack help on defense but when the team is able to play in a dome, they are able light up the scoreboard against any team in the league.

The Buccaneers must play the Saints twice in final few weeks of the NFL season. In fact, the Falcons end their season against the Saints, which could prove to be a pivotal game.

The NFC South division is too close for anyone to know who will the division outright. It’s entirely possible that the division champion and runner up will finish with the same record.

In this scenario, the playoff spot would be given to the team with the best inter-conference record or the best heads up record against the team that they are tied with.

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