Players to Watch on the Road to Super Bowl 2015

While football is the ultimate team game and no game in Super Bowl history has ever been won by a single player alone, there are players that mean a great deal to their teams. The obvious selections based on last year’s Super Bowl game would be Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning. Either team might have still had a good season without those quarterbacks, but it is highly unlikely that either would have reached the big game without them under center. Super Bowl prop bets often revolve around the highest rated players on each team, and it is because fans love to see the best players perform on the biggest stage.

Beyond the two players mentioned above, there are plenty of other stars in the NFL who could influence the road to Super Bowl 2015. For example, other quarterbacks like Tony Romo of the Cowboys and Nick Foles of the Eagles will need to have good seasons – and good performances in the playoffs – if their teams are to reach Super Bowl XLIX. You can join in on the Super Bowl online betting action at our reviewed online sportsbooks coming this weekend. In the AFC, there are also important quarterbacks like Andrew Luck and Philip Rivers to consider. Outside of the QB position, wide receiver Calvin Johnson of Detroit and running back Frank Gore of San Francisco play huge roles in the success or failure of their individual teams.

Super Bowl Players

Super Bowl 2015 is going to be won by the team that is able to put together the best play at the right time. However, within those team, individual stars often emerge to make big plays and get their team to the next level. It will be exciting to see which player or players rise to the occasion and influence how Super Bowl XLIX is decided.

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