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Welcome to the home of Super Bowl online betting for 2021. Looking to bet on Super Bowl 2021 between Chiefs Vs. 49ers? If you want to bet on SuperBowl 2021 read below. We will see a Rams and Patriots final.  This year we will see the LA Rams play for the championship against the New England Patriots.

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Official 2021 Super Bowl online betting guide for bettors looking to place bets on Superbowl 55 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida on Sunday, February 7th, 2021 for Chiefs Vs. 49ers. If you want to learn how to bet on Superbowl 2021 and more importantly, where to bet and how to bet on Super Bowl 2021.

2021 Super Bowl Online Betting

With the NFL season underway the LA Rams and New England Patriots look like early favorites for Super Bowl online betting. Who do you think will make it to the big show? Can Tom Brady win another championship and retire? As we approach the NFL playoffs many bettors have already discounted the Eagles. The Philadelphia Eagles are not favorites to repeat.

Bet On SuperBowl 2021

We have the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. Every season the early betting favorite never wins the Super Bowl. However, they usually do make it to at least the conference championship game. Current Super Bowl online betting odds have the Rams and Patriots as early SB favorites. You can wager at the MyBookie sportsbook if you plan to bet on NFL playoffs. Also, odds to bet on Superbowl 2021. For the latest NFL prop bets, live wagering options, and the top mobile wagering sites check back here. Our updated sportsbook reviews are updated on a weekly basis. Also, check back here for the best Super Bowl bonus codes.

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NFL Draft 2020 Scheduled

Will the NFL draft 2020 go as planned? Yes. The coronavirus pandemic has led to the cancellation of all major sporting event. Even though all NFL teams recently closed their facilities temporarily. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said the NFL draft will go on as scheduled April 23-25.

In a memo sent to teams, Goodell served warning to those around the league who criticize the league’s stance. He wrote in the memo, “public discussion of issues relating to the Draft serves no useful purpose. Also, is grounds for disciplinary action.”

According to Goodell, the NFL Management Council Executive Committee met Thursday and was “unanimous and unequivocal that the Draft should go forward as scheduled.” Meaning all owners were onboard.

“Everyone recognizes that the public health conditions are highly uncertain. Also, there is no assurance that we can select a different date. Be confident that conditions will be significantly more favorable than they are today,” he wrote.

NFL Draft 2020 Rankings Order

NFL Draft 2020 Rankings

The NFL Draft was originally scheduled to take place in Las Vegas. However, the league announced it would not be open to the public. News came after the coronavirus forced the cancellation of public gatherings of more than 50 people.

“I also believe that the Draft can serve a very positive purpose for our clubs. Our fans and the country at large, and many of you have agreed,” Goodell wrote in the memo. Goodell has received flack.

During an appearance on “The Peter King Podcast,” New Orleans Saints general manager Mickey Loomis, a member of the GM subcommittee, said he was in favor of pushing the draft back. Will Peter King be disciplined?

“I’d be personally in favor of delaying the draft. So that we can get some of the work done that our scouts and our personnel people ordinarily do,” Loomis said. “And then just the logistics of trying to conduct the draft, with not having access to your draft rooms and your offices, creates a lot of logistic problems.”

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Philip Rivers Colts Signing After Considering Retirement

Have you heard about the Philip Rivers Colts signing? After almost announcing retirement, Rivers has signed with the Colts.

The Indianapolis Colts and former Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers came to terms on a one-year, $25 million contract last week, giving the team a veteran under center as they attempt to find their next quarterback of the future.

However, prior to his new deal with the Colts, Rivers said he contemplated retirement, but changed his mind after discussing it with his family.

“I think really where we settled in is I still love to play, certainly not coming off my best year [in 2019], but I know I still can play at a high level,” Rivers said. “… It was one of those deals where we said if there’s nothing else out there then that’ll be our answer. I don’t want to just try to hang on to play.

“The fact it ended up being with this organization, it made it that much more exciting to keep going,” he added.

Rivers, who started 224 straight games for the Chargers, threw for 59,271 yards and 397 touchdowns to go with eight Pro Bowl invitations in his career. He became the first player in league history to have five straight games with a passer rating of 120 in a single season in 2014.

News Update for Philip Rivers Colts Signing

Philip Rivers Colts Signing

“Philip is one of the most decorated quarterbacks in the NFL and we are fortunate to add an experienced player of his caliber to our organization,” Colts general manager Chris Ballard said in a statement.

“His familiarity with our coaching staff and offensive system in addition to his experience were attractive qualities during our evaluation process. Philip is a fierce competitor and his veteran leadership will be crucial in the continued development of our young roster.”

Even though he has committed to play one more season, Rivers didn’t say how long he intends to continue playing. How will the Philip Rivers Colts deal change the NFL? It won’t.

“I take it one year at a time,” he said. “If I feel good, I’ll keep going. I don’t want to get carried away. You won’t see me in the Tom Brady [age] range. I still feel like I can help a football team go win a championship.”

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Tyrod Taylor Could be Chargers Starting Quarterback

Tyrod Taylor Chargers starting quarterback? The Los Angeles chargers have been in the news all offseason. Especially after the team officially parted ways with franchise quarterback Philip Rivers. After the team announced the decision to move on from Rivers, there has been a lot of speculation about who will be under center. This for the Chargers next season.

Head coach Anthony Lynn threw an unexpected name in the hat over the weekend in his first public statement since the team announced that Rivers won’t return. Saying in a radio interview that he believed backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor could become the team’s starter. Really?

“Tyrod Taylor is a heck of a Chargers starting quarterback,” Lynn told AM 570 LA Sports. “We couldn’t have a better backup right now, and now he has an opportunity to maybe step up into a starting role. I’ve had Tyrod before [in Buffalo], and I know what this young man brings to the table, in the passing game and the running game.”

Chargers New Quarterback Tyrod Taylor?

Tyrod Taylor Chargers Starting Quarterback

“One of the things he does very well. He takes care of the football. I believe every year he’s started in this league he’s been the No. 1 quarterback in taking care of the football. I believe more games are lost than won. So if we can just take care of the football and take it away, we’ll be OK.”

In his last full season as a starter, Taylor turned the ball over only six times. Also, led the Bills to their first playoff appearance in 18 years. Can T-Rod become Chargers starting quarterback?

“There are some guys that can win from the pocket, but when you look around the league, most of these guys are mobile quarterbacks that can move,” Lynn told 570 AM when asked what style of quarterback he prefers. “All you have to do is watch high school football on Friday nights. High school football told me 10 years ago the direction the NFL was headed.

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Super Bowl 2020 Betting Ideas

In the market for new Super Bowl 2020 betting ideas? Newbie sports bettors often decide to use the Super Bowl as the one event that helps dip their toes in the sports betting pools. With the Super Bowl being one of the most talked about sporting events of the year. Sports fans from all around the world begin looking for sportsbooks. This to lock-in their wagers. Here are some ideas that you can use to make some money on Super Bowl Sunday. Ready?

Super Bowl Teasers are fun!

One of the easiest ways to cash a ticket on Super Bowl is bet on a teaser. When sports bettors talk about teasers, they are talking about lowering the betting lines. Also, taking a smaller payoff in order to lock-in a more favorable outcome. Complete Super Bowl 2020 betting sportsbooks above.

For example, if the Super Bowl favorite is –7 points, you could find a teaser line that offers the bet at –3 points for a reduced payout. If you can find a sports book that lets you parlay these odds, you’ll be able to construct a ticket that you can cash pretty easily on Super Bowl Sunday.

Tips for Super Bowl 2020 Betting Ideas

Super Bowl 2020 Betting

The opposite of a teaser is a pleaser. For example, if you think the Super Bowl will be a blowout, you can bet on your team to win by an even bigger point spread which nets you additional wagering odds. Pleasers are a creative Super Bowl betting idea and you should only use this method of betting when you are certain one team has a distinct edge over another.

With Super Bowl pleasers, you can easily ramp up your sports betting bankroll by finding value in incorrect sports betting odds.

Super Bowl Props?

The best part of the Super Bowl 2020 betting is the hundreds of prop bets. These will be released by online sportsbooks. Most sportsbooks will not allow you to parlay these props and sometimes, the betting limits are lower. These props usually will usually payout nicely whenever you are able to focus on a specific aspect relating to the Super Bowl itself. Do your homework and find a Super Bowl LIV prop bet that matches your risk profile.

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Superbowl Online Betting

Ready for some Superbowl online betting tips? You have come to the right site!

NFL fans are wondering if the 2020 installment of the Super Bowl could be one of the most unpredictable events of the year. That’s because the NFL has undergone a shift of sorts with many quarterbacks moving to different teams and others leaving the sport altogether.

This has led to a general feeling of unpredictability in the NFL. If you are someone wanting to handicap Super Bowl 54, that could be a really good or really bad thing.

The Super Bowl is expected to showcase some of the new blood in the NFL.
Just like last year was Jared Goff’s moment in the Super Bowl, many sports analysts are wondering if we could have two first time Super Bowl quarterbacks duke it out this year in Miami. Will Mahomes win his first Super Bowl in his Super Bowl debut? You can bet on Chiefs Super Bowl 2020 here.

For sports bettors who are wanting to get the best odds, this is a solid proposition. Especially if you think an upset will happen.

Best Superbowl Online Betting Sites

Superbowl Online Betting 2020

Did you know that going into Super Bowl 54, sports bettors cashed tickets on underdogs winning straight up 19 times? That’s a pretty decent record when you think about it.

Best of all, online sportsbooks make these types of odds possible. Another attractive offer available exclusively to online sports bettors is the ability to make bets during the middle of the game.

Sometimes you need to see a quarter of the game to really know what a team is trying to do. This type of wagering is starting to become popular and the Super Bowl is one of the best ways to get started with in-game wagering.

Casinos like Bodog, BetOnline, Bookmaker and others are allowing users to make in-game wagers. Many first timers are eligible for live betting bonuses if they are doing this for the first time.

Keep this betting tactic in mind when trying to handicap this year’s unpredictable Super Bowl. With Super Bowl 2020 slated to be best Super Bowl ever, it can also be your most profitable Super Bowl ever if you make the right bets.

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Super Bowl 54 Wagering Sportsbooks

Today we discuss Super Bowl 54 wagering options and sportsbooks. The Super Bowl is the most wagered upon event of the year. If you are someone who enjoys betting on football, the Super Bowl is a holiday of sorts. Each year, family and friends get together to watch the big game. When you start to bet on the Super Bowl, things can get even more exciting.

With the Super Bowl, you can literally bet on any aspect of the game. Using an online sports book, you’ll get more wagering options than the general public has at their local book making shop. That’s because online wagering sportsbooks have more leeway in setting up exotic Super Bowl wagers.

If you are someone who enjoys betting on sports, you’re probably well-equipped in terms of knowing all of the betting angles. If you are not someone who frequently bets on sports, you can see how the Super Bowl provides value for those who wish to tip their feet into the betting pools once or twice a year.

2020 Super Bowl 54 Wagering Sportsbooks

Super Bowl 54 Wagering Sportsbooks

One of the best things about the Super Bowl is that you are able to wager upon whatever team you want, whenever you want. Using online sportsbooks, you can even bet during the game itself. Where will you take part in Super Bowl 54 wagering? The online wagering sportsbooks have sophisticated algorithms that allow you to bet while the game is in progress. If you are able to nail a few in-game wagers, you’ll have a much larger return at the end of the night.

In-game betting also allows you to bet on individual plays. Does it look like a team is going to line up for a run? Does it look like the team is going to line up for a pass? Knowing these key things can help you bank a large profit when you start Super Bowl 54 wagering using in-game wagering sportsbooks methods.

Best of all, you can get started by depositing directly from your checking account or by using a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

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2020 Superbowl Online Betting

Time for 2020 Superbowl online betting odds and predictions. The New York Jets were the worst team in the AFC East last season. Finishing with a 4-12 record, for instance. The record was honestly better than most people expected from the team. This after their fire sale during the offseason. This year, there is reason for optimism in New York. For the reason of the talent they brought in, but their season can also take a nosedive if the rumors of a behind the scenes power struggle is to be believed.

Sam Darnold, the third pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, showed a lot of poise as a rookie. However, the Jets didn’t have a lot of talent on the field to help their young quarterback out.

The Jets started the offseason with a splash. This by signing former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell. Bell sat out the entire 2018 campaign. This after the Steelers used the franchise tag on him for a second consecutive year. With Bell, who will be heavily involved in both the running and passing game, coming in fresh after a year off, the Jets are hoping he will have a great year and take some of the pressure away from Darnold. This unfortunately was not the case.

Predictions for 2020 Superbowl Online Betting

2020 Superbowl Online Betting

The Jets got Darnold another weapon. This in wide receiver Jamison Crowder, who is expected to be their slot receiver this season. Crowder, who played in only nine games last season because of an injury, had 388 and two touchdowns last year.

New York also improved its defense with the addition of C.J. Mosley, a three-time Pro Bowler who has been selected to three All-Pro teams. The Jets were also able to come to terms on a new deal with defensive end Henry Anderson, who led the team in sacks last season.

The Jets’ offensive line did a good job last season. Giving up 37 sacks, which was 12th best in the league. If they can keep Darnold upright and create holes for Bell to run through, they should be able to compete with the Buffalo Bills for second place in the division. Their 2020 Superbowl online betting odds are +8000.

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Houston Texans Trade Jadeveon Clowney To Seahawks

On Friday, the Houston Texans agreed to send pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney, a former number one overall pick, to the Seattle Seahawks. In return for Clowney, the Texans will receive a 2020 third-round pick, DE/OLB Barkevious Mingo and LB Jacob Martin. Good for Seattle?

The deal also calls for the Texans to pay $7 million of Clowney’s salary. This while the Seahawks will pay the remaining $8 million he is due this season.

For the Seahawks, the trade is a smart move. For the reason that Mingo was on the team’s bubble and likely would have been cut over the weekend, while Martin, a sixth round pick in last year’s draft, has some upside but is not on the same level as Jadeveon Clowney. If the team is unable to sign Clowney next offseason, the deal won’t cost them much. Bad for Houston Texans?

Houston Texans Betting Odds

Houston Texans Jadeveon Clowney

The Texans on the other hand gave up a player that has made it to three consecutive Pro Bowls without getting a lot in return.

Jadeveon Clowney struggled with knee injuries early in his career. JC missed 15 games in his first two seasons. In 2016, he played through wrist and elbow injuries, appearing in 14 games and making the Pro Bowl for the first time. Since then, he has missed just one game over two seasons.

“It’s a big move for us,” tackle Duane Brown told ESPN. “He is a game-changer in my opinion. Just spending time with him in Houston Texans, I know he is respected by offensive coordinators, guys that have to prepare for him. I think he will really thrive for us. I know Clowney has to get a physical, but he’s excited. I’ve been telling him it’s a reputable organization here. I’m not sure why it all fell apart in Houston. I know how he works. I’m looking forward to getting him out there with us now.”

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Will Online Sportsbooks Directly Compete with Legal Sportsbooks?

Well over a dozen states have introduced legislation to add legal sportsbooks within the United States to compete with online sportsbooks.

Many experts suggest that the proliferation of daily fantasy sports has normalized the sports betting in general. Many of our readers would agree. While proponents of daily fantasy sports suggest that it is purely a game of skill, many bettors simply disagree. This healthy discussion is likely the reason why onshore sportsbooks were revisited by the courts. Thus causing the practice to become legal and regulated within the US.

This begs another question: What about those who are already betting on sports using offshore sports betting accounts? Will online sportsbooks continue to try and woo new customers from the United States? Or, will legal sportsbooks be the next new thing. Time will tell.

The answer to this question is a resounding: YES. Online sportsbooks will continue to offer lucrative first-time deposit bonuses. Also, top-up bonuses for repeat customers. Because of this, many believe that offshore sportsbooks will not go away without a fight. Many offshore sportsbooks such as BetOnline have even reintroduced ACH deposits.

Top Online Legal Sportsbooks

Legal Online Sportsbooks

While it is preferred to use cryptocurrency when you cash out, the proliferation of legal online sportsbooks in the United States begs the question as to what offshore books will do in order to make things easier for the casual bettor. Many bettors bet with Bitcoin.

Courting the casual bettor will be the only way for offshore sportsbooks to stay competitive. To do this, expect these sites to start offering lucrative bonuses. Super bowl betting Bonuses that can’t be found onshore. Many of these sites have been around for decades. Also, they have stood the test of time. Therefore gaining consumers trust is not a problem. In fact, most online sportsbooks have an 800 number that you can call if you ever have any problems with their services.

This allows you to speak to a real person if you ever encounter an issue. If you have a problem at an onshore casino, you might be relegated to filling out a form or working your way up through the various management ranks. In many ways, the introduction of legal sportsbooks gambling is a net positive for consumers based in North America.

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